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Legall notice

Legal Notice
Rožmarin and its partners, hereinafter Rožmarin, respect your privacy and are bound to protect it. Rožmarin publishes this Legal Notice with a purpose to inform you on privacy policy, method and possibility of gathering your information and its use. The general structure of our site is as such that with common use it does not require additional identification or to reveal any personal data. Legal Notice is readable and available on our web site; the link is at the foot of every Rožmarin page.

Sites, covered by Legal Notice

Legal Notice covers all web sites and domains owned by Rožmarin.
Information gathered
Some Rožmarin sites require and gather personal data:
your name and surname,
your address,
your telephone number,
your date of birth and
your e-mail.
Rožmarin is bound to protect children’s privacy. We ask parents and guardians to take on an active role in supervising Internet activities of their children. Rožmarin does not gather information on children younger than 13.
How to use information
We use information to improve your experience as a user of our web site and as a help to better understand your wishes and requests. We mostly use information to carry out different orders, user support, for notification on news and changes of our offer, for communication with you.
Gathered information will not be mediated in any form to third parties unless otherwise stated. Your approval will be requested for eventual mediation of information to a third party.
Our site, the same as the majority of web sites, also uses cookies in its activity. A cookie is a file with a piece of information on your visit to our web site. When visiting our web site a cookie is placed on your computer, which on the one hand assures simplicity and speed and on the other hand represents invasion of privacy or a possibility of a later directed advertising, respectively.
Each cookie holds basic data on your visit of a certain web site. Content of a cookie is saved on your computer in a special file. By accessing the file we get detailed information on the site visited, date and time of visit, etc. All this data is also saved with the administrator of a visited web site. Cookies can be deleted, switched off or conditionally used with a different setting. Basically, browsers are set in a way that they accept cookies, but reject cookies which do not originate from the area noted in the title bar.  

Copyright © 2006 Rožmarin
Rožmarin (if not otherwise stated) has a copyright to use intellectual property found at, either in HTML files, text material, pictures, audio/video or in other content on the site.
Rožmarin permits the use of published content (display on your computer, printing, file download, playing audio and video) only for non-commercial or educational purposes and demands respecting copyright.
Rožmarin does not take any responsibility for accuracy, entirety or suitability of data, published on
Rožmarin does not take any responsibility related to the damage caused by web site visit and for eventual viruses transferred to users from this site.
Rožmarin is not responsible for web site not working at times, eventual inaccuracy of information, as well it is not responsible for eventual damage caused by the use of those.
We reserve the right to direct users to other sites on the World Wide Web and do not take any responsibility for their content.
In no event it is possible to hold Rožmarin responsible for any direct, indirect, coincidental or unintentional damage, arisen from the use of information and data from the web site
Changes of the content of Legal Notice

At times the content of the Legal Notice will be changed, therefore, you are advised to see this section more often and acquaint with current privacy policy and in this way prevent eventual problems, arisen due to the use of our site and its content.  

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