Nastavitve piškotkov




Before the theathre, after the concert, match or just because...
create your own menu.

2 courses 24 €, with dessert 27 € / per person
3 courses 31 €, with dessert 34 € / per person



Carpaccio of octopus with mixed salad greens, Istrian olive oil and pomegranate  9 €
Almond coated tiger prawns, oyster mushrooms, parmesan cream  9,5 €
Beef carpaccio with herbs, salad bouquet, cherry tomatoes,
mustard sauce   9 €
Styrian beef steak tartare with quail egg and cucumber caviar  12 €


Fuži (traditional pasta) with Istrian truffles  11 €
Crispy curry chicken on Arborio risotto with
porcini mushrooms 12 €   
Spelt risotto with spinach, young goat`s cheese, cress and sprouts  10 €
Spaghetti with fresh tuna and octopus  13 €
Spaghetti with chicken in prosciutto wrap and sun-dried tomato pesto  10 €


Halibut fillet on creamy white polenta, rosemary sauce and cherries  18 €
Chicken breast stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan,
carrot purée with ginger, marsala sauce  16 €
Pork medallion with crispy bacon, spelt risotto with spinach and
young goat`s cheese, green pepper sauce  16 €
Veal schnitzel with bread-almond crust, homemade chips,
red currant chutney  17 €


Apple strudel with custard and whipped cream  4 €
Rožmarin's gooey chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream 4€
Choose two:  4 €
Banana mousse with nougat
Yogurt panna cotta pith mango
Tiramisu with almonds and chilli 
Double chocolate mousse with wild berries



Matured steaks are grilled on our Montague™ steakhouse grill with 800°C

Styrian beef, dry aged for 2-4 weeks
Beef fillet, 200 g   21 €
Beef fillet, 250 g   25 €

Complement your steak with:
Foie gras, 100 g   10 €
Black tiger prawns, 80 g   5 €


Seasonal vegetables with vanilla / Potato puree /
Homemade french fries
/ Crunchy potatoes with rosemary  3,5 €
Homemade French fries with parmesan, ground pepper or Istrian herbs  4 €
Artichokes wrapped in prosciutto 4,5 €
Pepper sauce 2,5 € / Truffle sauce 4 €

daily catch
Tuna fillet (180g) with black and white sesame crust  19 €
Crispy Galician octopus tentacles, oyster mushrooms and
winter vegetables, mint pesto and balsamico reduction  18 €
Fish from the oven, served with Mediterranean vegetables and potatoes  69 € / kg
… or in Piran's sea salt  62 € / kg


Lamb’s lettuce with egg and / or beans  4,5 €
Rocket with cherry tomatoes and parmesan  4,5 €
Crispy octopus on young salad with cherry tomatoes and
balsamic dressing 11 €
Burrata D.O.P. (125 g) with rocket, quinoa,
sun-dried tomatoes and capers  12 €
Beef tagliata on lettuce, tomatoes, balsamic reduction  12 €


Service and drinks selection is wholeheartedly provided by sommeliers
Petra, Nejc, Luka, Sebastjan, Siniša, Drejc, Silva, Nikita, Žiga and Tilen.

Thank you for your custom.